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How to increase the breast: how to enlarge breasts without the operation

cncat_imageBreast consists of fatty, glandular and connective tissue, and also contains milk ducts and glands, blood vessels and sensory nerve fibers. Mammary glands using the connective tissue attached to the large pectoral muscle.

Soft tissue chest supported suspenzornymi “Bundles Cooper.” These bundles start at the depth of the body and connected to subcutaneous site of the upper part of the chest. They are not rigid and reflect the natural movement of your chest. Ultimately, this leads to sagging, as well as over time ” Cooper’s ligament “weakening.

The body of the mammary gland consists of 15-20 lobes, directed to the dummy and the top separated by layers of connective tissue. The latter are also among the front surface of the body glands and deep layers of the skin and the aponeurosis of the pectoral muscle, forming a dense connective tyazhi in the form of a grid is attached to the clavicle. Here, split open along its entire length, connective tyazhi form a capsule, which included breast. If the subcutaneous fat layer is not developed very much with the feeling gland is determined by grain. From the strength and elastic capsules in large part to a particular form of breast cancer.

Every woman is aware of changes in the mammary glands during the menstrual cycle. Depending on the phase of the mammary glands of the same women can significantly change its structure. In each menstrual cycle, a few days before ovulation, the increase in the number of starts epithelium Protocols and dolek. This marked increase in the volume and density of tissue from the glands krovenapolneniya body and edema. This fact explains the feeling nagrubaniya, compaction, expansion and increased sensitivity.

In the normal gland, this process is moderate. In preparation for lactation, mammary gland also increased due to proliferation of glandular tissue. If pregnancy does not occur, there is atrophy of the newly formed structures within a few months. At the end of menstruation described the phenomenon of declining or being. Throughout the life of tissue proliferation and regression are parallel.

Weight of the chest, from which the number of adipose tissue significantly prevails over the number of tissue glands, is directly dependent on the overall changes in body weight. This is because the fat in the human body is burned and added evenly throughout the body. The size and weight of the breast, which breast tissue is prevalent, does not depend on changes in body weight.

On the size of the mammary glands had a great influence hormones, this explains the change in the size of the breast during menses or menopause. Because of the effects of hormones may increase breast little women, sexually active.

In addition to the hormones of another positive side of sex is flushed into the breast tissue, the development of a capillary system, resulting in an increase in the breast.
What determines the size of breasts?

Based on the foregoing, it is clear that breast size is determined by the size of the mammary gland, adipose tissue, the size of chest muscles, the development of the circulatory system of the breast. Because women’s muscle development is not strongly, strongly influence the size of chest training is not possible, but slight increases can still be achieved. It should be noted that with the weak chest muscles, possibly, their «sagging». Weak chest muscles, tends to determine the weakness and Cooper’s ligaments, which leads to less elastic chest.

Since the predominant fatty breast tissue, with each new recruited kilograms weight breasts will increase by about 20 g. If you recruit 5-10 kg «surplus» of weight, chest grow by at least one dimension.

Crucial in the elasticity of breast milk glands are investing, they have a relatively dense structure compared to adipose tissue. When debilitating diet fat in the breast is reduced, the breast becomes smaller and more elastic. With abundant food in the place with the growth of total body weight, the number of adipose tissue in the breast, the chest is increased, elasticity is reduced, possibly sagging breasts.

The main reason for the small size of the breast is often a lack of estrogen – female sex hormones, which determine the size of the mammary glands.

With age there is another factor influencing the form of the breast – it is strength and the aging of the skin, which plays a major role in maintaining and shaping the breast. Of the set and discharge weight, and any means to increase the breast as well contribute to tensile skin.
Methods of exposure to the chest

Creams to increase breast

There are a number of special creams for breast enlargement surgery, which is the main component of steroid hormones. The most common use of hormones of vegetable origin, designed fitoestrogeny. They possess qualities similar to the characteristics of female sex hormones, which encourage the growth of glandular breast tissue. Local application of hormone creams greatly reduces the side effects of hormones. Increased body weight is not the case. The result may persist up to several months.

There are also creams that increase blood circulation in the chest, they have less pronounced effect of increased chest size up to lose a few days.

The best creams are combined with phytohormones, and additional components that increase blood circulation, improve skin. Often creams are totally consist of a variety of natural plant extracts – they have minimal side effects.

From creams can be expected to increase from the chest up to 0.5 cm in a circle in a week, during the first 3 weeks, followed by 1 cm per month.

The fundamental difference in the effects of estrogen and steroid fitoestrogenov is that steroid fitoestrogeny achieve the same effects as the human estrogen, but only in concentrations thousands of times greater than the concentration of estrogen.

So when we find information on the introduction of the cream of any vegetable oil as a rich source fitoestrogenov, this does not indicate that using this cream will be able to achieve the desired effect.

You can find vitamizirovannye creams that simply attach to the chest elasticity, effects on the skin. These creams are harmless, but also benefit from them is minimal.
Pills for breast enlargement surgery

In pills for breast enlargement surgery, as well as in creams used hormonal components. Harmless biological additives are not able to influence the size of the breast, because most scientists believe. In addition, there may be long-term health effects, as well as some plant components contained in such funds mimic estrogen.

Clinical trials have found that an increase in breast size due to the hormone occurs in patients taking hormone estrogen, antidepressants and contraceptives. Moreover, it was found that, in order to increase the size of the breast are important substances such as female hormones, prolactin and growth factors. They stimulate the estrogen receptors located in the thoracic segments, and control the division and apoptosis (death) of cells.
More important is the fact that most of the available drugs are useless and can not provide the increase in the chest. And there is no guarantee that they will not be injurious to health.

If you use any hormones NOT SMOKING.
Vacuum massage breast

Vacuum massage / pump grudiMozhno try to increase breast mechanically. There are various devices, but the principle of their work is similar. The device is a pump and the cup for breast cancer. Breast inserted in a cup and a pump creates a vacuum in the cup. At the beginning of the pump draws fluid into the breast tissue, low blood pressure causes the strengthening of the inflow of blood to the mammary gland. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients, increases the local metabolism and, consequently, – increasing the size of the breast. The therapeutic effect of the vacuum, leading to an increase in the chest, is governed by the man, so you do not feel any discomfort, and not at risk.

The results can be seen immediately, but «consolidation» results occur for several weeks.

Widening of the breast tissue also contributes to strengthening the elaboration of female sex hormones as a result of stimulation of receptors okolososkovoy zone, but the «process» is observed, not all women. Koda greater stimulation have sex.

This method of breast enlargement surgery is ideal if you just need to glance at a party, visit, or to conquer a man in bed.

Such a device can be purchased for $ 50. Manufacturers recommend the use of vacuum is 15 minutes a day.

Possible risk of worsening chest elasticity, its otvisanie. We need to remember his chest – very sensitive organ, and regular mechanical action on it can lead to undesirable consequences.

After the termination of the initial size of the vacuum massage the breast returns to phase 2 – a sharp decline over several days and a smooth decrease over the 1 st 2 months.
New ways to increase breast

Not so long ago, scientists have found a way to enlarge breasts without the use of artificial implants. Using your own fat, Japanese surgeons have successfully completed clinical trials of new ways to increase. According to the developers, the new technique will become a good alternative to artificial implants.

According to the study, medical school surgeon Kotaro Yoshimura of Tokyo University, developed his method was tested by more than 40 patients and did not cause significant complications in any of them.

Fat, which the Japanese surgeons are used to build the chest, is extracted from fatty deposits in the abdomen or hips patients. After that adipose tissue is enriched with stem cells that are able to form new fat cells and blood vessels. Thus prepared suspension is introduced into the mammary gland by injection.
Furthermore, in contrast to silicone implants, own fatty tissue does not look after the transplant as a foreign body: as a result of an artificial increase in the chest is different from the kind only for its size.
Traditional means to increase breast

Folk wisdom has given us a lot of recipes for breast enlargement surgery. This increase in breast batter, cabbage, compression, and even spruce cones. Unfortunately, all these methods can not give meaningful results without side effects.
Increased breast cabbage

People say: «If there is a lot of cabbage, breasts will grow better». This view is found quite often, but for some reason, those who helped cabbage «grow» big chest to find difficult. No diet, significantly increasing the female breasts, in fact does not exist, but the side effects of excessive consumption of a product can be obtained very easily.

This method applies only to girls, whose bodies still growing, that is for teenagers. And then with great caution, because these products do not increase breast separately, as such, but in general the volume of the body. Girl polneet whole, and of the chest, of course, followed.
Breast enlargement eating raw dough

Another popular tool for breast enlargement surgery – eat raw dough. The effectiveness of this method is unsupported by any scientific data. But I can suggest, if you eat too much dough, you’ll probably get on paper than a big bust. If it was so easy to increase the chest, but need to increase the breast by means of plastic operations would have disappeared long ago. Experts note that even the supposedly raw dough does not contain any components that encourage the growth of the breast.
Breast enlargement sinapism or iodine

Mustard plaster and iodine increase the inflow of blood. This can help increase the breast. But these methods are fraught with burns skin if pereuserdstvuete. In addition to the treatment of burns, these women then need to be continually tested in oncology, both as an increase in temperature contributes to the emergence of tumors, including the poor.
Breast enlargement hop cones

hops to increase grudiNastoyka hop contains fitoestrogeny. Usually, their impact is minimal, but if you eat them in quantities that can cause swelling of the breast, it is not possible negative effects on the reproductive sphere as a whole.

When using plant material dose of the active substances is very difficult to calculate. Those wishing to try can try this method for breast enlargement surgery: one tablespoon of dry hop cones sealed glass of boiled water in thermos and leave for 6-8 hours. Need to drink tea before a meal three times a day, half a cup.
Breast enlargement using beer

Such hops, but smaller, effect can have a beer, including nonalcoholic. Women endorsed the Bulgarian beer «Boza», which is based on fermented wheat flour and yeast.

Mineral compounds in beer comes from malt and other raw materials and water. In the biologically significant quantities of beer are the ions of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine. Of malt beer comes in a lot of vitamins.

Beer – the only drink that contains hop bitterness, enabling the allocation of gastric juice, bile and overwhelming undesirable effects of alcohol. About hop act, see above.

The main need not forget that beer contains in its structure a large amount of alcohol, which can significantly «cut» all the useful properties of beer. Therefore, for those wanting to try the beer to increase breast is better to use non-alcoholic beer dark varieties.

But as the choice of nonalcoholic beer is not great, you can take any dark beer, heat it to 50 degrees and kept at a temperature of 1-2 hours. ABV severely reduced. You can use it for a few liters a day.

Traditional means for breast enlargement surgery at all operate differently, a lot depends on the individual organism.
Breast enlargement through exercise

Women’s chest rests on large and small pectoral muscle. The more they developed, the more chances to return the breast less form.

Eternally dissatisfied with their appearance, women persistently seek ways to achieve the ideal, and a good example of this – the desire to increase the chest exercise.

If you regularly carry out exercises that «affect» pectoral muscles can improve breast shape, give it elasticity. Increase breast size through exercise for women is rather difficult. The problem is that women have poorly developed muscles, and even to choose the right course without the use of drugs, usually steroid origin can not be much to increase the size of chest muscles. But on the other hand did not significantly increase in the thoracic muscles and their tone pripodnimet the chest and the chest of the same size will look more voluminous.

A very important aspect of training is to maintain a constant body weight, with the help of intensive training can reduce body weight and negatively affect the volume of the breast. Therefore, with the intensity of exercise should increase the quantity and quality of food.

Breast can practice 2-3 times a week, the amount of training depends on the intensity of training. Therefore, if training hard – it is enough for 2 training sessions.

If your goal is to reduce breast and give it more elasticity, the number of exercises you can bring up to 4, and perform additional aerobic training for general combustion of fat.
Training chest at home

House of the breast is better to train 3 times a week, the best exercise is push-ups from the floor. But for better training would have to get the dumbbells from 3 to 6 kg each. They must be selected individually, according to their power rates.
The complex of exercises to train the chest at home

Push-ups from the floor – 5 approaches the maximum number of push-ups
Polover (draft dumbbells because the head lying down) – 3 approaches, 10-15 repetitions of approach
Reduction of the hands above your head – 3 approaches, 10-15 repetitions
Push-ups from the floor

Push-ups from the floor to increase breast

Push-ups performed in a position face down, hands slightly wider shoulder width, feet together or slightly set.


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